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Electrodos PAQUETE  CARGUE ABRASADUR 43 +  4 MM  5.6 kg

Electrodos PAQUETE  CARGUE ABRASADUR 43 +  3.2 MM  4.4 kg

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This electrode with a recovery of 190% can be used for overlays with extremely abrasive and sliding wear resistance, but with low impact. For use till 450°C.

AWS A 5.13: no standard
EN ISO 14700: EZ Fe15
DIN 8555: E 10-UM-65-GRZ

Very economical due to the high deposition rate and excellent weldabillity without slag losses. For critical base material or old hard facing layers it is necessary to buffer with an electrode like DUR E 350 Kb / E 11018-G that delivers a welding deposit of less hardness. Overlays on steel with high carbon content should be buffered with Croni 29/9 HL or 4370 HL. For the best results 2 till 3 layers should be welded.

Normas y clasificación DIN 8555

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